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Design Scapes was created with the dream to bring high quality landscape designs to home owners all over Australia for a fraction of the market price.

By leveraging 2D and 3D design software we’re able to provide stunning residential and commercial landscape architecture to people like yourself without breaking the bank.

We specialise in bringing your dream garden landscape ideas to life. This includes both construction materials to be used for areas like decking, paving, patios, pergolas, and water features. As well as exactly what type of soft architectural landscapes you’d like to use from grass to new plants and trees.

Our 2D landscape plans also include measurements for all the aforementioned areas so the construction team knows exactly how everything is to be laid out and installed.

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Online Landscape Design by Skilled Landscape Architects

Our landscape architects conceptualise modern outdoor spaces for your residential and commercial properties to help you start out on the right foot. Having these designs created before construction begins is not just for the luxury of seeing your garden ahead of time. They also help predict and prevent possible issues with the concepts before they are constructed.

This can and will save you time and money. Preventing unforeseen issues such as a clash in the layout of hardscapes or a material that is not currently available means you can adjust and pivot before a team of local landscapers is on site.

By engaging expert landscape architects that specialise in creating affordable designs, you can see your dream garden come to life and know exactly what to expect as a final result.

Landscape Design Online: 3D Garden Designs by Experts

Our garden designers specialise in conceptualising and designing beautiful gardens for both residential and commercial properties.

Having a garden you’re proud of not only improves your quality of life but is a fantastic way to add value to your properly.

We understand that everyone’s idea of the perfect garden is different which is why we work with you closely to ensure your ideas are brought to life.

We take into account things like the climate, soil type, aspect and surrounding buildings when designing your dream garden. This helps us to create a harmonious garden that is not only beautiful but also easy to maintain.

Our team of experienced garden designers can also provide you with advice on the best plants and trees to use in your area.

Our Process



All of our design projects start with your inquiry. Understanding and meeting our clients’ design ideas is our main goal. Our friendly technicians are always available to help ensure you’re ideas are brought to life. Our team is on the ball with answering all your questions and providing you with a free estimate based on what you have told us. Once we’ve had a proper discussion about what it is you’d like to achieve with your backyard landscape design we move into the official consultation.



Our head designer has decades of experience in the landscape construction industry. He’s taken this knowledge into the design world to provide a premium and affordable design service that ensures no stone is left unturned. We encourage clients to send through images or Pinterest boards that have inspired their dream landscape. This could be in the form of a pinterest board of a collection of images found online. This helps us to incorporate those elements into the landscape design.



Our team of highly experienced designers then go to work on the plans you’ve requested after an initial assessment. We generally recommend that clients acquire both 2D landscape designs and 3D landscape designs. 2D and 3D landscape model work well hand in hand and often save you time and money by unveiling potential issues before construction begins.  By having a comprehensive landscape design ahead of time you’re also able to obtain more competitive quotes.

Our Projects



Affordable Landscape Designs

Our process for designing your garden on budget enables us to work quickly and remotely. Our architects will be in close contact with you throughout the process to ensure we help nurture your ideas and translate them into a realistic, affordable and beautiful design.

Having a comprehensive design, 3D landscape renders and 3D landscape walkthroughs help you predict exactly how long the construction will take and how much it will cost.

These landscape architecture plans can then be used by you or your local landscape team to complete the landscaping itself.

We create plans with cost effective construction materials and plants that are easy to care for. This helps to keep the overall cost of the project down. Steps we use to achieve this include:

1. We will work with you to understand your budget and what you would like to achieve with your garden redesign.

2. Our architects go to work drafting up landscape designs that match your ideas and ambitions.

3. We also focus on using existing features in your garden and integrate them into the overall design.

4. Once completed, we deliver a design that utilises cost-effective materials and plants that are easy to maintain.

5. This design can then be used to acquire highly accurate quotes from local landcapers and provide them with a plan of attack to begin the construction of your new garden immediately.

Premium Designs & Affordable Rates

Clear Communication

We will take the time to understand your needs and what you would like to achieve with your garden. This will help us to create a garden landscape design that is tailored specifically for you and your values.

Experience and Knowledge

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to gardens. We can use this to create a beautiful and functional space that meets your needs.

New Ideas and Alternatives

We will bring fresh ideas to the table and help you unveil the full potential of your new garden. By combining our experience with your ides we’re able to create your dream outdoor space.

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Unlock the Magic of Design Scapes: Online Landscape Designers

At Design Scapes, we offer full-service garden design. This means that we will take care of everything from initial consultation and layout to the delivery of both 2D plans and 3D models.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision for their garden is brought to life.

We also have connections with landscapers across the country and depending on your location can often recommend a local landscaping company with a spotless reputation.

How long does landscape design take?

At Design Scapes our priority is providing clients with professional landscape designs at compeditive rates. Whether the deliverable is a 2D plan or 3D model we ensure that they’re delivered in a timely manner. Due to the fast growth of our business we’ve been able to employ numerous landscape designers and archiecters. This enables the team to deliver the entire landscape design process quickly and effectively.

For small residential landscape designs this can be as fast as a single week! For larger commercial designs and complex residential designs, the final deliver may take a few weeks of drafting and consultations before the final plan is signed off. 

How long your specific design takes depends on several elements including but not limited to: 
– The size of your backyard or frontyard design.
– Whether your space is residential or commercial.
– How many different species of plants you’d like to incorporate throughout your new garden.
– The complexity of the hardscape constructions required such as decking, paving, pergolas, patios, pathways, fountains, pools, etc. 

If you need to know exactly who long your landscape design will take to deliver to you, give us a call today or submit for a free quote.

Is a landscape design necessary?

Acquiring a landscape designs before construction is not essential but will usually save you both time and money. If anything unexpected occurs during construction because it wasn’t mapped out before hand with landscape designs, this can cause delays and cost you and your contractor dearly if new materials are required to remedy the issue. While many people are able to create a basic garden on their own, hiring a landscape designer can be worth the investment for those who want a unique and long lasting landscape.

In addition to creating a one-of-a-kind design, our landscape designers can also help to select the right plants for your space and ensure that they are properly installed even in small backyard designs. As a result, you can end up with a beautiful landscape that is low maintenance and easy to care for.

What do landscape architects deliver?

Landscape architects design outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens, and commercial and residential property. They typically start by evaluating the site to see what natural features already exist and what needs to be added or changed. Then, they develop a plan that includes both hardscapes elements (such as walkways and structures) and softscapes elements (such as vegetation and lighting).

They sketchup landscape designs after this. Once the plan and design is complete, landscape architects may oversee the construction process to ensure that the project is completed according to their specifications. In addition to design work, landscape architects also regularly conduct research, write reports, and meet with clients. As a result, their days are varied and often quite busy. However, they typically find great satisfaction in seeing their projects come to life.

When should a landscape architect be used?

A landscape architect can be used for a variety of projects, large and small. If you are planning a new construction project, a landscape architect can help you to backyard design or front yard landscape design an outdoor space that is both functional and attractive. They can also assist with site planning, choosing the right plants and features for your space, and preparing landscape renders.

If you are renovating an existing space, a landscape architect can help you to create a plan that will make the most of your available space. They can also offer advice on selecting plants and hardscape materials that will complement your existing garden architecture. In either case, a landscape architect can save you time and money by helping you to avoid common mistakes.

Can you design your own garden?

While it may be tempting to try to modify your native garden design, it is generally not a good idea. Without professional training, it can be difficult to know how to properly select and arrange your hardscapes and softscapes in a congruent and realistic manner. 

In addition, local climate and soil conditions can have a significant impact on plant growth, and it can be difficult to account for these factors without expert knowledge. As a result, it is usually best to leave front garden designs or front yard design to the professionals. 

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