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What is the secret to a perfect space? What is it? The design, the selection of plants, the placement of decks, the use light, shape and texture Are you referring to the quality of workmanship or the choice of materials? Yes, it is all of these, but Design Scapes, we believe that communication is what makes outer space great. Working with a company that is also a landscape architect firm will make a difference in your life. We build what you design. Our architects are experts in construction, and our construction crews are skilled in design. This synergy and communication is what benefits you and your landscape project.

What is the alternative? You receive an independent design, send it out to get quotes or tenders and then hire a landscaper (mostly based on price). It is impossible to know whether the landscape company really ‘got’ your vision or the understanding of what you want and need. There is an immediate communication problem.

We Outline The Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Design-Build Landscaping Company

Design and Build is a Partnership

This is where the relationship begins. When you share your plans with another member of the construction team, you all work together towards the same goal. The shared purpose and the shared standards and quality expectations create a high degree of communication and quality control.

Make Your Budget Work

A design-build company will allow you to work seamlessly within a budget. Landscape Designer Geelong can help you find cost-saving solutions. You can also be sure that every dollar is working towards achieving your dreams. We are familiar with construction costs and can deliver as such because we know the details. A separate design may be required if you are a landscape architect. The designer may think they have the perfect scenario, but may not know the true cost of delivery.

The Detail is Where the Money is

Design-only businesses must produce pages upon pages of construction drawings and specifications, as well as explanations of the intent and method of the build. Because they are closely connected to our landscape architects, construction professionals don’t need the same amount of detail. Even though it may seem small, this can have a huge impact on your bottom line and allow you to spend more money elsewhere. This is where time comes in. We ensure that your money is used to create the landscape you want. This reduced paperwork will not affect the quality of your work.

Timelines Matter

We have built in the ability to manage construction. It’s not something we can do later. There is less chance of problems if there are fewer people involved. Third-party designs can cause problems if they don’t work. This can lead to delays, unexpected costs, re-designs, and grief for all involved.

The Best Materials at the Lowest Price

All items included in our design-build plans can be sourced. We know where we can source the items and what they cost. Design only plans might include materials that are difficult to find, expensively changed, take long lead times, or are not available. We might be able to offer you a better deal because we are always in contact with our suppliers.

Design Scapes Landscapes’ mission is to create perfect outdoor living spaces. Communication and regular meetings with you and the team result in a superior product. These are just five of the many benefits to working with a landscape architect design and build company. Call one of our Landscape Designers today for more information.