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Landscape gardening has many purposes. It is important and beautiful, but it is also useful and important. Our quality of life is greatly affected by our surroundings. “Landscape” does not just refer to beautiful scenery. It also represents a rich historical record that has been shaped by human activity over time. It is the backdrop of our daily lives, and it is also reflected in literature, music, and painting.

Landscape gardening is about looking at the whole environment before creating a harmonious design.

  • This can be a positive contribution to the improvement of the environment, rather than its destruction.
  • Plants are an important part of landscape design. They help reduce pollution and minimize the effects of heat sound wind etc.
  • The plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then release it as part of their photosynthetic process.
  • Plants with dense foliage trap pollutants that are later washed away by rains.
  • Some plants, like Hyacinth, Mustard and Hydrangea absorb toxic material from their environment.
  • Plants can channel, block, guide, or diffuse wind. You can use plants to direct the wind and flush out polluted air.
  • The plants can control erosion caused by excessive wind, rain, snow, and other factors.
  • The radiated heat from plants is reduced, which in turn lowers the temperature.
  • Winter is when deciduous trees shed their leaves, which allows light to pass through and warms the space.
  • Plants have many aesthetic qualities, in addition to their utility.

Plants are a Source of Pleasure

The form is visible not only in the whole plant but also in its parts.

Many plants can stimulate the senses. Their main feature is their coloring. This includes the bright hues of fruits, flowers, and leaves as well as the muted tones of the stem and bark. The most restful color is green. Contrast and texture enhance the stimulation plant color offers. Visual effects refer to the plant’s structure and shape.

  • Landscape gardening has contributed to the growth of landscape horticulture.
  • The nursery business is the practice of growing plants to enhance the landscape.
  • A nursery is where young plants are grown and maintained before being planted permanently.

The nursery industry includes the production and distribution of woody and herbaceous plant species, as well as ornamental bulbous crop production. Garden Designs Bendigo is the contribution to landscape gardening. It includes the production of cuttings for indoor or outdoor use (foliage plants) and the production of bedding plants.