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Are you looking for Melbourne landscape architects to transform your outdoor area? At Design Scapes, we offer premium 2D and 3D landscape designs at highly competitive, accessible prices.
Our highly qualified and experienced team offer comprehensive design services, taking into account every element of your outdoor landscape from the greenery to hardscapes such as pools, decking and more. If you’re interested in transforming your landscape and creating an outdoor space that’s both beautiful and functional, get in touch with our Melbourne landscape architects today.

Collaborative Landscape Architects in Melbourne

No matter what you’re looking to get out of your garden landscape, our landscape architects in Melbourne can help you achieve exactly what you need. Whether it’s a small makeover for your front yard or a comprehensive renovation project, we can help you create a design that reflects your needs and your personality.
Your landscape architect in Melbourne will collaborate with you to develop an in-depth understanding of what you envision for the project, taking into account various factors such as your budget, space and personal preferences. Our unique abilities mean that we can make the most out of any project, exceeding your expectations and providing showstopping designs no matter what the cost or size.

2D & 3D Landscape Designs

We specialise in providing detailed 2D & 3D design plans that provide comprehensive details into your new landscape. These are hugely beneficial in helping your construction team carry out their work to the exact details, minimising the margin for error and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Our landscape architects in Melbourne will perform thorough research into the specifications of your lot, including soil type, the surrounding buildings and more so that any potential issues are solved before construction begins. Our specialised plans mean that you’ll not only be able to see your new landscape ahead of time, but will also be able to save both time and money by simplifying the construction process. If you’re looking to bring your dream garden to life with detailed plans, we’ve got the landscape architect in Melbourne for the job.

Custom Melbourne Landscape Architecture

Working across both residential and commercial projects, our design team can transform any outdoor space into a relaxing and luxurious oasis. We get to know all our clients and develop relationships with them so that we can deliver a landscape architecture in Melbourne that’s 100% unique to them and their project.
Without breaking the bank, we create comprehensive Melbourne landscape architecture design plans that provide invaluable insight into the landscaping plans and allow you to see exactly what you’re investing in.

Our job isn’t complete until every element of our design has your approval and your landscape architect in Melbourne will always make sure to keep you updated on the progress of your project and any changes that need to be made.

Reinvigorating Melbourne Landscapes

Our team of architects specialises in customised service, tailoring every element to your needs and preferences. After your initial enquiry, we’ll move on to your official consultation. This will involve discussing your design inspirations and will be used as the basis for creating our plans for your landscape architecture in Melbourne.
After this, we’ll get to work on your designs and we generally recommend that all clients request both 2D and 3D plans to receive the most comprehensive and detailed designs possible. We approach every project with determination, passion and drive, always striving to outdo ourselves and keep our clients 100% satisfied with our service from start to finish.

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For the very best landscape architecture in Melbourne, you can rely on Design Scapes. With years of experience under our belts in designing harmonious, sustainable and easily maintainable outdoor spaces, there’s no better team to manage your project.
From your initial enquiry to the delivery of your final 2D and 3D designs, we’ll be hard at work creating stunning designs that reflect your property, your neighbourhood and your personal style. Contact our Melbourne landscape architecture team today to start your journey with us.
How much should you spend on landscape design?
Landscape design can be as expensive or as affordable as you want it to be. You could simply plant a few flowers in your backyard design or hire a professional landscaping company to redesign your native garden design completely and provide 3D landscape designs. If you’d like a quote for your individual landscape design needs, grab one off our website today.
How much does it cost to consult a landscape architect?
There is no cost for an initial consultation with a landscape architect. A landscape architect can help you with everything from coming up with ideas for your yard, to drawing up plans and helping you get permits. They can also help you find contractors and provide guidance on how to make the most of your space.
Is a landscape designer worth it?
Yes, a landscape designer is worth it. A well-designed front yard landscape design can add a tremendous amount of value to a property, both aesthetically and functionally. Good landscape design can also help increase energy efficiency and reduce water usage. You can now hire a professional landscape designer by searching ‘ landscape designers near me’ as it is the easiest as well as best way to ensure that your property receives a high-quality, customized design that meets your specific needs and budget.
What's the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer?
A landscape architect is someone who has a degree in landscape architecture and is licensed to design landscape architecture plans and oversee the construction of architectural landscapes.
A landscape architect typically has a more comprehensive understanding of landscape design, as well as knowledge of horticulture, civil engineering, and architecture. They are able to conceive of entire landscapes, from the macro level down to the individual plants and rocks used in the design. By contrast, a landscape designer may be more knowledgeable about plants and horticulture than about broader design principles.
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Design Scapes | Landscape Architects Melbourne

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Design Scapes | Landscape Architects Melbourne
Design Scapes | Landscape Architects Melbourne
Design Scapes | Landscape Architects Melbourne
Design Scapes | Landscape Architects Melbourne

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